My New Year Resolution

This year, I came up with 2 things I want to accomplish this year.


1.To create a blog for my passion for paper crafting. – Check!

Believe it or not, it took me some courage to accomplish this. As I am creating the very first blog post here, I am a nervous wreck & feeling very lost. Hopefully I learn the necessary skills along the way to make this blog richer and more beautiful!


2. To “HEAL”

I went through a back surgery in February of 2015, and I am still on my road to my 100% recovery. Last year was one of the darkest days of my life, but I did found something very valuable and precious to me: paper crafting. As I was restricted from most daily activities, I spent a lot of time on bed watching numerous card making tutorials on YouTube. I was in lots of pain and my spirit started suffering as well. However, I started this wonderful card art during that time and it was a tremendous healing for my low spirit. Stamping, coloring, and just creating something with your own hands is such an awesome therapy for the soul!

Well, I’m going to continue the healing! I’m going to do more healing this year by creating more beautiful cards!

I’m also planning to take on more healthy diet and exercise more for my physical health as well as mental.


Please cheer me on as I accomplish these goals in 2016!

Thank you for visiting my blog, !

4 thoughts on “My New Year Resolution

  1. Yay, Jenny! Welcome to blogland! I like how you mentioned that stamping helped you to heal. Beat of luck with your DT and remember to just HAVE FUN! I’ll see you on IG and FB too!

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